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New Marketing Strategy For The Fashion Industry

Today it is impossible to escape; social networks are an intrinsic part of our daily lives. In most countries, 62% of Internet users are registered on at least one of them and spend on average an hour and a half per day to consult them. Moreover, these figures are constantly increasing. This phenomenon, companies have understood and therefore place this new means of communication at the heart of their marketing strategies. Some section of activity are more sensitive, and the fashion industry is never to be excluded from the list.

An Effective Marketing Tool

The social networks are ever used by companies in the fashion, regardless of size and type of brand offered, they are an essential showcase for brands and offer a legion of advantages. First, social networks can reach consumers globally. They are open to everyone around the sphere and the techniques involved is the same in all places, and their language is universal. Also, brands can broadcast their news at any frequency, they share their events, their advertising campaigns, their novelties, their promotional offers or their contests, and this is a real digital showcase.

Easy Communication

Thanks to messaging, comments, or posts, it is also possible for companies to interact or communicate with their customers. They issue opinions, complaints and may ask questions. It is a useful way to perpetuate good proximity to consumers. However, be careful because negative remarks can deteriorate considerably and very quickly the reputation of a brand. The social networks are also a good indicator of awareness for brands, based on the population who subscribe or follow their account or comment on their publications. The challenge is to constantly increase these numbers to gain more clients and increase their reputation. The major difficulty is to be able to hold the long term. That’s why being active and regular in your posts is essential.

Finally, using this means of communication is extremely interesting because it is free. The craze for social networks is so dominant that it has fostered the disclosure of the profession of community manager. However, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are platforms used to disclose your trend, get and retain new customers, and also promote your brand using essential features like to buy Instagram likes which will help engage your clients intensively and will equally give you’re the maximum attention required.

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