How to Choose the Best TV Mount for Your Home?

Choosing the perfect TV mount for your home is a daunting task. But when it comes to considering the basic features, it is not too overwhelming when narrowing down the options presented to you. Here is how to choose the best tv wall mount at for your home.

  • Check if they are compatible with your walls

Almost every TV wall mount available supports drywall and hence, comes packed with a hardware that will be needed to install the TV mount to drywall. This hardware entails bolts and drywall anchors. It is advisable to use stud support instead of anchors in order to mount the TV. The walls which are bear plaster or bricks need a different kind of hardware that is durable and compatible with such wall type.

  • Mounting pattern on the television itself

Almost every TV uses a standardized mounting pattern. This is referred to as VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association pattern. It makes sure that no matter what kind of wall mount you select for your TV, it can be attached easily. And if in case, your TV has a different mounting pattern on its back, you should keep this in mind and select a compatible wall mount accordingly.

  • Supports the size and weight

Wall mounts are usually rated by the compatible TV screen size apart from the weight they can usually bear. These two figures are important to consider when choosing a TV mount for your home. Always remember that even TVs with the same screen size will have different weights which depends on the brand or even the model. The wall mount product description will entail the size and weight which is maximum or range so that you can consider this data when browsing.

  • Flexibility

Many times, people prefer to adjust the TV once it is mounted. This is an important factor to consider as various wall mounts provide various ranges of motion when it comes to viewing flexibility. Many swivel up and down but not side to side. Some do, but they don’t swivel up and down. Some will swivel in all directions, letting the screen to be angled in any given direction. If your seating arrangement is different or if you want to view the TV from another room, then always consider flexibility when buying a TV mount.

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